Host Scanning


# Fast simple scan
# Nmap ultra fast
nmap --max-retries 1 --min-rate 1000
# Get open ports
nmap -p - -Pn -n
# Get sV from ports
nmap -pXX,XX,XX,XX,XX -Pn -sV -n
# Full complete slow scan with output
nmap -v -A -p- -Pn --script vuln -oA full
# Network filtering evasion
nmap --source-port 53 -p 5555
# If work, set IPTABLES to bind this port
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d -p tcp -j SNAT --to :53
# Scan for UDP
nmap -sU
nmap -sU -F -Pn -v -d -sC -sV --open --reason -T5
# With naabu
naabu -top-ports 1000 -silent -exclude-cdn -nmap-cli 'nmap -sV --min-rate 40000 -T4 --open --max-retries 2 -oN -'
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