This book contains a bunch of info, scripts and knowledge used during my pentests.

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Don't you know where to go now? Let me introduce you to some of the most popular pages on this wiki:

  • Know your target! Make a proper recon!

  • What can you do in those strange ports?

  • Doing a web pentest? Don't forget to check out any of these common attacks!

  • Do you have the same hype as me with cloud services? They also have their vulnerabilities

  • Stuck again with Windows and Kerberos? Here is my cheatsheet

  • The mobile world does not stop growing, see my tips for Android and iOS

  • Burp Suite is the tool most loved by everyone, but you have to know a few tricks, also check my preferred extensions

  • I'm really proud of Pentesting Web Checklist

  • If you want to know which web fuzzer fits you best, take a look at the comparison.

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Stargazers over time

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